Silva Contractors Inc. is an engineering firm that works on construction projects that require specialized engineering knowledge and skill. The company provides demolition, excavation, concrete and soil removal, grading, and paving services for residential and commercial clients throughout the Bay Area.

CEO Geicyler Silva says Silva Contractors’ experience as a subcontractor gives it a unique advantage when it comes to demolition work. “We know this business from the inside out, so we can do a lot of things that other companies charge extra for. We can also offer low rates while still providing high-quality services, which our clients really appreciate.”

Silva Contractors Inc. uses tools and machinery that are designed to complete projects without harming the environment, and it implements a rigorous clean-up policy that allows clients to access their homes or businesses while work is underway. “Details like these show our clients that we put their satisfaction first,” says Mr. Silva. “The best part of our job is seeing how happy they are with the results of our work.”